What is an NFT?
NFTs are digital certificates of authenticity issued by their creators. As the owner of an NFT, you control where it is seen, if it can be transferred, when it is resold, and more. NFTs can fluctuate in value just like any other scarce asset or collectible. NFTs “verify” content by minting it on the blockchain. When you mint an NFT on the blockchain, essentially everyone in that system is saying “yep, this is the one!”
What does it mean to own an Instagram post?
What you are purchasing is a “digital certificate” of that post. This certificate is called an NFT, and it is verifiably unique. Purchasing an NFT from someone creates the beginning of a direct relationship between you and them. This makes it valuable.
Why would I pay to own an NFT of an instagram post?
Every day, valuable moments happen on instagram. Creators are making beautiful things. Turning these moments into NFTs captures that value in the form of digital collectibles.
What is stored in the NFT metadata?
We store the image(s)/video, the timestamp when the post was created, the creator's username, and the caption.
Do you save my data?
We store the image(s)/video on public servers. Using our service means you are ok with sharing your posts more publicly.
What if a creator deletes an instagram that I already purchased?
You still own the NFT and metadata of that post!


Why do I need to connect instagram to mint an NFT?
By logging in through instagram, instamint can access your posts and help you mint them!
How do I mint an instagram post?
Log in via instagram, choose the post you want to mint, and click mint! Note: to mint it, you will need to install MetaMask, and pay the ensuing gas fees (more below).
How is this different from minting directly on OpneSea?
instamint preserves the connection to your original post. We share metadata around it (when it was made, your username, and a link to it). It is deeper than an image, rather it's a link to a moment you cared deeply enough about that you wanted to share on instagram
What is MetaMask?
MetaMask is a tool that allows you to pay for crypto purchases, and stamp them with your personal cyrpto address. Please visit MetaMask to learn more.
What are gas fees?
This is a crypto term... it is a fee you have to pay to mint your NFT (think of it as a verification fee to approve your unique NFT). These vary throughout the day. Visit gasnow.org to see what the current prices are like.
How do you make money?
We don't charge you to mint your posts, but we make a small cut whenever the post is sold :). It helps pay to keep our espressos warm.
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